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WIMSEW 100% Polyester Extra Strong Filament Thread

WIMSEW Extra Strong Filament Thread available in 110m reels and 550m cones

Gutermann Threads

The Gütermann creativ Sew-all Thread is the correct sewing thread for all materials and seams. It is exceptionally suitable for stitching with the sewing machine and by hand, regardless of the stich type - the Sew-all Thread is designed to handle all demands.

This particularly high-quality and uniform sewing thread guarantees optimal sewing without fiber lint and seam crimping with the finest needles, from needle size NM 60. Strong and durable seams result from the high tear and abrasion resistace of the sewing thread.

Most colours are available singly but the few we do not keep as regular stock lines can be ordered by the box of 10 and are listed as such.

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