Gutermann Threads

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Gutermann Maraflex 150m Stretch Thread

Maraflex is an elastic sewing thread from Gütermann with a particularly high stretch. No overlocker? No problem! Maraflex lets you sew flexible seams using straight stitch - ideal for jerseys/knits as well sewing around necklines, tight seams, sleeve and leg cuffs. Used as a needle and looper thread, Maraflex offers the plus in elasticity. Manufactured with our unique Micro Core Technology®, this sewing thread goes along with every movement.

Gutermann Recycled Sew-All Thread

A 100% recycled polyester thread. No fibres, even thickness, no twisting, tear resistant, flexible and colour fast. Suitable for all types of fabric and seams, for hand or machine sewing. Recommended machine needle: Universal, size 80 to 90.

Gutermann Sew-All Extra Fine Thread: 200m

Especially for fine fabrics, providing smooth seams with high resistance. Suitable for ornamental stitches, decorative and overlock seams and buttonholes. Recommended needle size: Universal, size 60 to 70. 100% polyester.

Gutermann Cotton No.30 - Machine Embroidery Thread

Universal machine embroidery thread for all embroidery designs with wool character. For machine quilting. 100% cotton. Thickness 30 Ne 30/2 dtex 400(2) Machine Needle 80 or 90

Hand Quilting Thread: 200m

Fine but strong with a waxed finish which gives Gutermann quilting thread added strength and ensures that is never tangles. Suitable for hand sewing only. 100% cotton.

Gutermann Extra-Upholstery

For all heavily-stressed seams. Ideal for the sewing of jeans material. Specially suitable for rugged repair work. For heavy woven fabrics, leather and canvas covers. Especially tear-resistant. Elastic and soft. Stitchable with thin needle for material protection.

Gutermann Top Stitch

A strong, heavy, polyester thread with a high lustre, ideal for bold, decorative sewing, eye button-holes and button sewing, backstitch seams. Silk-like gloss. Soft and supple. Abrasion resistant. Elastic and extendible. Light-resistant and colour-fast.

Gutermann 100% Cotton

Fine but strong with a silk-like lustre. For those who prefer to sew with natural fibres. Suitable for hand and machine sewing. Applications: lock and step seams, overlock and safety seams, underwear, buttonholes, sewing on buttons, ornamental stitches and decorative seams. Soft and supple. Tear and abrasion resistant. Elastic and extendible. Light-resistant and colour-fast. Recommended needle and size: Universal, size 60 - 80. 100% mercerized cotton.

Gutermann Sew-All - 100% Polyester General Purpose Thread

Suitable for use with all fabrics whether sewing by hand or machine, and for many applications - seams, overlocking, button holes, fine ornamental and decorative stitching. Sew-All combines the excellent sewing properties of silk with the strength and durability of polyester. Guaranteed no-twist and lint free. A soft and supple thread, light resistant and colour-fast, and in an extensive range of brilliant colours with a silk-like gloss. Recommended machine needle: Universal, size 70 to 90. 100% polyester.